Inês Brandão Architecture completed the design of Casa Celeiro, a stylish remodel in Monte Real, Portugal. The young family living here wanted to pay tribute to the 50-year-old building that was once half barn, half housing.

Original elements of the construction were carefully preserved, while the additions contribute to a fresh, contemporary vibe. A simple black and white color palette makes this home feel spacious and elegant.

Without question, the focal point of this project is the “black box” in the middle; it serves as both an aesthetic highlight and a functional element. It is within this unconventional volume that the kitchen, toilet, storage and staircase are embedded.

“This ‘furniture’ is fundamental in the compartmentalization of the social area of the ground floor, dividing the space between entrance area, living room, dining area and kitchen,” the designers explain. “The top floor, which served for drying grains in the past, now overlooks the social area and works as a retreat space and working zone.”

What are your thoughts on the unusual addition in this Portugal remodel? [Photography by João Morgado]