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Don’t shortchange your small outdoor area. If you have a tiny terrace, balcony, outdoor entry or patio, you can create a fresh and inviting space for entertaining and outdoor living with the best small patio products. We’ve rounded up seven of the best small outdoor spaces for inspiration and products to get the look.

1. Use the floor space of your small balcony

Seating options that don’t fold or collapse may not work if you have a small terrace or balcony. Opt for beanbags or floor pillows for seating. Guests may love the novelty of sitting on the floor in a more intimate, casual style.

When selecting the floor cushions, look for outdoor-rated fabric that can handle the elements. Add a small, rolling grill that can move or be stored elsewhere when not in use.

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2. A small balcony design that maximizes a corner

This small balcony creates a cozy sitting area in the corner. Modular outdoor seating in the form of armless chairs can be grouped to expand or be repositioned.

Finish the look with an outdoor area rug that defines the space, a square poof or ottoman that can double as a coffee table or extra seat, hurricane candles that light up the area and plenty of potted plants.

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3. Small terrace decorating ideas that use the rails or walls

Make the most of a tiny nook by maximizing the space. First, lay wood floor tiles to beautify the small terrace. Add a storage bench to double as a seat with cushions on top for comfort. Then find items that can hang from the railing, such as grill, shelves and planters. Be sure local fire codes allow you to hang your grill on your railing.

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4. A small outdoor kitchen for big entertaining

Creating an outdoor kitchen is one of the top items on many homeowners’ wish lists. But what happens if you rent, have a small budget or a small outdoor area? You can still re-create a built-in outdoor kitchen that’s modular and affordable. The key is including extra counter space. Do so by choosing a small-scale grill and add a side table, rolling butcher block or small restaurant prep table to sit next to your grill.

Look for a small side table or cart featuring a bar where you can add hooks to hang grill utensils and towels. A small bin can serve many purposes, such as ice bucket, trash or storage for small items. Add to the small patio design look by backing your grill area with a decorative screen that doubles as a design feature and privacy feature. Finish the look with festive outdoor lights.

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5. A small garden area with vertical wall garden and bright colors

This enchanting small outdoor space is simple to re-create. Choose a small round table and chairs that fold easily and store when not needed. Plant greenery and flowers that grow upward or hang a vertical garden on the wall where you can grow plants and flowers.

Notice what makes the small terrace above most special: the use of candles and small lights in the plants that add a magical, secret garden effect.

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6. Turn a small patio window into a bar-height sitting area

If your window opens out, why not add a ledge and some barstools for a unique serving area? This small outdoor area features a cabinet with enough counter space to prep, hold a tabletop electric grill and serve food.

The barstools can be placed by the window ledge counter or even next to the cabinet for eating. The modern lattice encloses the small space to create a more intimate feel.

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7. Balcony decorating ideas that use nesting furniture

Important elements in a well-designed outdoor space include seating, counter or tabletop space and some personal, decorative items. You can still include all these elements in the smallest of areas.

Start by adding a set of nesting tables that can withstand some outdoor weather. When looking for a nesting table, find a narrow one where one of the items can serve as a bench for seating or low table for cocktails. Add some potted plants, a small side table and some throw pillows for color and comfort.

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Ready to beautify your small outdoor space and start entertaining? Mix and match these ideas to create a new outdoor room for enjoying the upcoming summer weather with friends and loved ones.