Finding the homeowners insurance policy that will best serve you and your lifestyle is no easy task — after all, there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Still, there are a couple of universal qualities that an insurance provider should have. As the Freshome team embarked on a mission to find the best homeowners insurance companies in West Virginia, we evaluated the top providers based on key criteria: financial strength, customer service, coverage options, and affordability. We found several excellent options.

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The Best Homeowners Insurance in West Virginia

Freshome’s Top Recommendations: Amica, State Farm, Allstate, Eerie Home Insurance, Electric Home Insurance, AAA Insurance.

We took time to find three different quotes from some of the biggest insurance companies in West Virginia and reach out to some local experts to offer us information on their top recommendations for policies. Our experts agreed that not one policy fits all — especially in a state like West Virginia where there are various property types that might require a specialized policy depending on the area and what type of home that you have.

Along with chatting with experts about which natural disasters might most greatly affect those living in West Virginia, we also took a look at what companies customers were most satisfied with and which ones delivered when accidents happened.In addition to three of the biggest and most-trusted companies in West Virginia, we also took a look at some of the smaller, regional companies in order to find which company offers the best policy in terms of city living and more rural areas. This was one of the biggest challenges we faced as we scoured the internet and talked with our experts about policy options. According to, prices of quotes could vary 49% because of locality.

One way we were able to differentiate the best companies was by taking a look online and by using a specific set of standards in order to make sure that we were choosing companies that put their customers first. JD Power was a great source of information, and we used other requirement such as:

  • A high financial strength rating from Moody’s and/or Standard and Poor’s
  • An A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of B+ or more
  • A JD Power Overall Satisfaction rating of 3 stars or more

We recommend an HO3 policy at Freshome, especially since it tends to cover all the bases in terms of natural disasters and unexpected accidents. We like an HO3 policy because it gives homeowners the benefit of the doubt. However, we highly recommend talking to an insurance agent and some local real estate agents to get an idea of whether a different policy might benefit the type of home you have and the coverage you will need — there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy.

In order to give readers an idea about the type of coverage that’s available, we used a 3-bedroom home with 2 bathrooms in Charleston. It was built in 1948 and had smoke detectors and was put on the market for $132,500. We said that we had moved in in April of 2016 as two first-time homeowners with no pets and no previous damage to the home.

Company Breakdowns

Our Quotes
Amica $852 Per Year
State Farm $1,020 Per Year
Allstate $1,116 Per Year


Amica has been highly-rated by customers for satisfaction and for overall experience. What attracted us to this policy most of all was how incredibly affordable it was. At $71 a month in the capital of Charleston, we felt that this was more than reasonable for the type of policy that homeowners receive and the quality of the insurance. Because the rates in West Virginia are so varied depending on the location and where the property is situated, it was important to look at the most expensive areas, including the ones with likely the most crime. Between the extremely low rate and the reputation for high customer satisfaction, Amica was a tough one to beat.


While we usually look to Progressive or Liberty Mutual as the top companies to provide great insurance, neither one had a presence in West Virginia. Liberty Mutual did not serve the area, and Progressive was not one of the top choices from locals. Instead, we took a look at Allstate, which has been known to provide a nice cushion for those dealing with a natural disaster. While Allstate’s quote was slightly higher at $93 a month, it also had bundles available for those looking for car insurance that were actually fair and enticing. Allstate also was willing to adjust rates for homeowners when they installed a burglar alarm and smoke detectors.

State Farm

In the middle of Amica and Allstate price-wise, State Farm was another company we found would best benefit those in West Virginia because of their understanding of rates across the state and how they evened out quote rates. State Farm had an excellent HO3 policy, the policy we recommend, and it is also the largest provider in the state (owning 15% of the state’s market according to Again, State Farm is willing to take a look at the big picture and see West Virginia as a whole, meaning whatever type of home you have and where it is located, you’re going to get a pretty standard rate. Because State Farm has one of the largest networks within the country, it is also easy to contact an agent if you run into any problems with your policy.

Eerie Home Insurance

After taking a look at the big guys, we also wanted to make sure that we researched some of the smaller companies, as well. As a result, we found Eerie Home Insurance to be a great options for those in West Virginia. Eerie also offers a number of other features such as a three-tier coverage system and EerieSecure Home policy that better protects and offers deals and discounts for those signed up. The three tiers include “Broadcover,” which covers named damage to personal property such as fire or theft, “Extracover,” which offers comprehensive coverage on all buildings, and “Ultracover,” which offers comprehensive coverage on both. The three-tier system makes it easy to choose which policy would be right for you.

Electric Home Insurance

Electric Home Insurance was a favorite among customers in West Virginia, possibly because the insurance policies were kind to those in rural areas and took into account any natural disasters — which are much more prevalent in areas outside the cities. They also had a great HO3 policy, which is the basic policy that many first looking into insuring their home would choose. Electric also has the benefit of not being a large company, so you are more likely to have easy access to customer service and agents that understand where you are coming from and what exactly you will need. Between the great customer reviews and high A.M. Best rating, Electric Home Insurance is one of the best companies for insurance in West Virginia for those looking for a smaller, more intimate company.

AAA Insurance

While many know that AAA will fix your car if you run into a problem on the road, few know that AAA also provides quality home insurance. With an issuer credit rating of aa-, AAA has several standard policies that will work for those looking to adopt standard policies. AAA home insurance can also be used for vacation homes and condos, when many insurance companies are unwilling to take on the risk. Renters should also take a look at AAA’s policies to see if renter’s insurance might be a good option for them. For those looking for farm insurance, AAA can cover certain natural disasters and policies can be met to fit with the kind of property you have.

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What You Should Know Before Getting a Quote

Although an HO3 policy can work for many, it probably won’t work for everyone, especially those living in West Virginia. Because there are a number of different home and property types in the state, our experts recommend looking at several different policies before choosing one. Michael Thrasher from ValuePenguin suggests comparing and contrasting policies within your local area. “First, homeowners need to educate themselves as best as they can about the policies. It’s senseless to pay for a homeowners insurance policy and, in the event of a fire or other loss, find out your coverage was inadequate. And secondly, homeowners should gather quotes for a policy from multiple carriers who offer the policy in their area.”

Homeowners should also be aware that they might need to insure other things than just the structure of their homes. Jewelry, art, and fine furnishings should also be appraised before a decision is made. Thrasher also mentions that an appraisal is the best way to know whether or not you are getting the kind of deal that you want and that would be best for your home, “The good thing about homeowners insurance is that the policies are tailored to the home they are covering. Everyone shopping for homeowners insurance should have a contractor or other qualified professional appraise the home so they know how much coverage to purchase. Then, in most cases, shoppers tend to purchase a little bit more coverage than the appraisal value.” This is also good advice if you are worried about any natural disasters affecting your home.

Why are West Virginia’s rates so varied?

It’s incredibly difficult to find an overall rate in West Virginia, especially since the average price of a property was $1,204 according to the ValuePenguin site. However, they did manage to get an average quote of $966 a year for home insurance for the cheapest cities in the state. These are pretty average statistics nationwide, and perhaps a little on the lower side of average. As Thrasher mentioned before, in order to get the best quote for you and the type of property you have, it is absolutely recommended that you have someone come in and appraise your home so you know what to expect.


What are common coverage gaps?

In West Virginia, you will most likely have to worry about gaps dealing with natural disasters and personal property. Investopedia mentions that these are not usually included in a typical standard policy and that you might have to make sure you talk to your local agent about implementing. “You’ll need an appraisal before you get an extra endorsement on your policy, but most insurance companies will add that coverage. The same goes with high value collectibles.”

What about flood insurance?

Although adding flood insurance can never hurt, it was not one of the main additional policies that our experts recommended for those in West Virginia. Tornadoes were a concern, but if your home is in an area where flooding is not common, then you are probably alright going without it. Again, an appraisal might be the best way to decide whether this is a coverage gap you should make sure to cover.<

Should I consider package insurance options?

While this might not be beneficial in every state, we noticed some major reductions in policies from the companies we chose for West Virginia if you are willing to package policies. The best packages often included auto insurance as well as home insurance, so when you are checking for quotes online, you will want to to include any information on your car as well as your home. Talking to an agent can also give you an idea about which discounts might be available.

Take Action

We found that when finding quotes, West Virginians should keep in mind that their specific home might not be the average when looking for a quote. For the best home insurance in West Virginia, the best thing to do is to take a look at a number of companies and not to be afraid to contact a number of people who can appraise your home and let you know what the best policy is for you. Also, go crazy on the quotes–the more the better. This way, you can make sure to make the best decision price-wise and policy-wise.

Freshome’s Top Recommendations: Amica, State Farm, Allstate, Eerie Home Insurance, Electric Home Insurance, AAA Insurance

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