How to Create a Multifunctional Master Bedroom Closet

Remember when master bedroom closets use to be one door that you would open and you would choose your clothes and close the door? Closets were just that, a closet, with no other purpose than holding clothes. Wow, how times have changed. Today, master bedroom closets have enough space to hold seating; furniture, storage, and even a dressing area are common in modern master bedroom closets. If your closet isn’t big, the notion that your closet can only have one function should be long gone from your head. In fact, multifunctional closets are here to stay, and here are tips to choosing the right one for your lifestyle.

  • How much do you have to store in your closet? Depending on your lifestyle, your career, your financial status, and how much you love apparel and accessories will help dictate how much space you need for a multifunctional closet. Assess your need for space to get dressed, as well as display and plan out your wardrobe for the next day. While some people may throw on the first thing they see, for others, choosing clothes and accessories can be a major part of their day. The more you need to store, the more space you will need to allow to fit other functions, along with your wardrobe items.
  • What functions do you want your closet to serve? For households that have children, the master bedroom closet is often shared with smaller children getting ready for school with mom and dad. While for individuals or smaller households, the ability to store accessories, jewelry, and neckties adjacent to their clothes is essential for saving time and staying organized. Every household is different, and depending on what functions your closet will serve, will help you decide what are necessities as opposed to luxury functions that you may never use.
  • Smaller closets can have versatility: Master bedroom closets aren’t always large and making a smaller closet multifunctional can have its challenges, but is still very doable.  Consider installing closet organizers that can divide your clothing into personal areas inline with your lifestyle. Optimize vertical space and use mirrors on the back of your closet door to add a “dressing area” without having to walk inside your closet. Choose a small ottoman with integral storage to put shoes on that can slide inside your closet when not in use. This way you have seating, dressing, and choosing areas all in one space.
  • Add decorative touches: It’s hard to believe, but master bedroom closets are also being used for added decorative touches, such as framed artwork, family pictures, vases, and even sculpture. The appeal for homeowners to retreat to their master bedrooms for renewal from a busy day carries over to the master bedroom closet. Consider adding decorative shelves, baskets, directional lighting onto artwork, or walls sconces and pendant lighting are making the modern day master bedroom closet into a place to retreat and enjoy.

Your multifunctional master bedroom closet is closer than you thought! Look through magazines, online resources, and flip through master bedroom closet images to give you inspiration. Determine your lifestyle, wardrobe and size of the space you have to work with. Once you bring your personal style into your master bedroom closet, you will wish you would of thought of this sooner!

Freshome readers do you have any tricks for making your master bedroom closet multifunctional?