Make the Most of Your Bathroom With This Practical Layout Guide! [Infographic]

You may remember the kitchen layout guide infographic we published on Freshome a while back. In today’s post we would like to present a bathroom layout guide, as featured on Glass Tile Store. This will come handy to anyone who is currently in the process of developing a new home. It is a known fact that bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the efficiency of each interior is strongly correlated to an optimum layout.

The graphic below reveals a few interesting tips on how to make a half-bath look bigger, by employing several visual tricks. It also encourages users to add efficiency to a three quarter bath, by avoiding too many elements, as this can clutter things up both visually and physically. Saving space in a full bath is possible by simply investing in a tall and narrow cabinet. And last, but not least, the infographic lets you know how to make the most of your master bathroom. Also here is a coupon offered by Glass Tile Store. If you are interested in buying tiles go to Glass Tile Store and use the coupon code FH15, which will take 15% off orders of $99+, expires 1/31/2014.