Wave to Flush: Touchless Toilet Kit for Increased Bathroom Hygiene [Video]

KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is an accessible toilet upgrade for modern home owners in search of increased bathroom hygiene. The  DIY retrofit system allows users to simply hold their hand above the tank and operate water flow, instead of touching the regular handle. So how does it work? A no-touch sensor module installed within the tank projects an electromagnet field on top. When the field is interrupted via a simple wave of the hand, the flushing action is activated.

Brian Hedlund, marketing manager for Kohler’s toilet and bidet division, stated: “The Touchless flush is a great solution to this growing demand for increased hygiene in the bathroom. Homeowners are of course worried about the hygiene and health of their family members, and the toilet trip lever is an obvious area of hygienic concern. Touchless takes that concern out of the equation, utilizing new technology to provide a touchless way to control the flush“. According to Kohler’s estimates, the kit takes under 20 minutes to install and is compatible with all toilet models. You can order the kit online for $100 at Kohler’s website, though we also found it at Home Depot for $75. Check out the video at the end of the post for the official product presentation and tell us what you think!

The KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit