30 Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Styling Up Your Private Daily Rituals

Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favorite in many upscale residences throughout the years. Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never though matched, but also with a fascinating suite of different types of marble cut and shaped into a myriad modern ways.

In addition to the 30 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private Heaven, we selected a handful of modern bathrooms that display an iconic material for luxury: marble. Richly veined or showcasing a contemporary straight line design, light-colored or dark-colored, this material oozes luxury and commitment to quality. Different kinds of marble give different moods and it depends on the artist’s vision and interpretation to create either stunning artistic statements or perfectly balanced spaces for personal hygiene.

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Marble bathrooms are not only decadently beautiful, but also an example for guests that good materials find their way back into our homes in every style. If you want to make the most of a marble bathroom design, appeal to a specialist who knows how to combine your ideas with the expansive world of possibilities out there.

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A highly modern marble bathroom design can showcase a very inspiring combination of horizontally-veined marble. The Marmara White marble (or Marmara Equator) is an unique type of marble featuring dark colored parallel veins and looks exquisite in a modern bathroom like the example above. You can make your home look and feel like a luxury hotel by emphasizing its elegance with marble.

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Inspiration for a luxury marble bathroom comes from different sources, like the one above seen in the Penthouse Suite Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. Every detail decorating this fabulous bathroom adds depth and a sense of comfort. Candlelight and roses alongside fresh, puffy towels are something you’d want to see permanently in your bathroom.

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We’ve seen the creative snap-together marble tables that can definitely spruce up a space, and this spacious marble bathroom is yet another example of how marble can be used in modern homes. Make your bathroom feel like a spa with the helps of materials, space planning and details and always remember … to do it your way.

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This fantastic Melbourne residence showcases a stylish marble bathroom imagined having a set of rounded design lines on a marble background. Just one marble wall changes the overall design, adding depth and a focal point in a bathroom based on simplicity.  By adding dramatic lighting, the effect of design is enhanced and a cozy atmosphere emerges.

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Richly-veined marble in the bathroom can split the space like an artistic statement. By adding warm wooden cabinets, this effect is diluted into a warm and inviting feeling. The zebra art on the wall gives the space a wild feel, while the overall vibe is immersed in bright natural light. You’ll be surprised to see how many stunning details can be found in the luxurious penthouse this bathroom belongs to.

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The design of a contemporary oval bathtub can be beautifully exploited with the help of marble. This unique material is highly versatile and a black and white marble bathroom design might need a few wooden details to become warmer and more inviting. Adding some shelves and decorations upgrades the clean design and adds the owner’s perspective in the mix with the choice of decor. Just make sure you go over this 15 point checklist before starting your bathroom renovation.

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One of the 2014 trends for bathroom design is the use of marble and onyx slabs to create glamorous private spaces. Take as example this Harlem apartment’s bathroom imagined by designer Nicki Clendening. By mixing a killer-looking marble with inexpensive craft paper to decorate, the designer introduced an inspiring eclectic style.

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The Clearhouse in Shelter Island can be of great helps to those looking to adorn their home with colored marble. Since this home is almost transparent, the marble floor and walls in one of its bathrooms provides the owners with a deeply rewarding simplicity in design, privacy, quality and a luxurious environment.

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A marble bathroom separated from the bedroom by only a glass wall is not for everyone. Many people feel that privacy lacks in these spaces, but they have the power to undress you of preconceptions. This beautifully lit marble bathroom in this Lake House designed by architect Igor Sirotov serves as inspiration for those who prefer an open contemporary design.

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Marble bathroom design in soothing colors can be found in resorts, as well as private residences. The example above is from the interiors of the opulent Villa Kishti and it teaches us that spacious bathrooms can look amazing when dressed in marble by someone with an eye for detail. Relaxation and a good health are heavily influenced by the choice of materials, colors, patterns and light.

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A tranquil marble bathroom doesn’t need to be spacious to care for your every need. It just needs to be smart. You can make the most of your bathroom layout by placing the bathtub and shower close together. Use this infographic to navigate layout ideas and consider marble as the focus material – it’s amazing how this material can enhance your relaxation and tranquility!

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Within a fantastic penthouse apartment in London, this marble bathroom above acts as a private retreat where the body receives the blessing of cleanliness. Dressed head-to-toe in marble and featuring a welcoming marble shower, this bathroom design incorporates a radiant design worthy of modern living.

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Marble bathroom insertions can definitely spice up your day. A play of materials helps define a sophisticated look, while the hidden and open storage spaces give the owner the possibility of carefully decorating the bathroom. An overcrowded design does no one good and it can interfere with the relaxation and coziness that should reign here.

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Marble bathrooms in darker colors can enhance the coziness effect and start you off with a smile. Designed by Canny, this chocolate marble bathroom design in Canterbury, Australia, surprises the need for a dark yet cozy and soothing private bathroom. Chocolate marble tiles and wooden furniture provide the natural visual background that beautifies your daily activities. So why not start each new day with a big smile on your face reflected in the bathroom mirror?

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Choose the right mirror for your bathroom and you will be transposed into a world of inspiring design that will reverberate in your everyday life. Choose the right materials to anchor your bathroom design in your dreams and you will be indulging in a fairy-tale of your own each day. Awaken your interiors with luxe details and you will be thankful you did. And remember that boldness wins many friends – a checkered marble floor is not only elegant, but also eye-catching.

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Luxury marble design can mean a fantastic combination of black, white and light. A round marble bathtub illuminating the space was placed against a light colored marble wall and surrounded by black marble. It looks surreal – imagine yourself immersed in warm water, a glass of champagne in one hand and flower petals gently dotting the foamy water – what a dream setting! And then there’s smart bathroom technology to consider when designing your dream bathroom – enjoy!

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An eclectic marble bathroom design is best enjoyed by those wild at heart. With an inspiration like the one above, we can all let ourselves dream about the perfect combination of materials and feelings. And don’t forget to incorporate scent in the bathroom – a soothing, relaxing mix of aromas that can relax your body and mind in the evening before bed and re-fresh you in the morning.

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Spacious white marble bathrooms come in many shapes defined by the choices made when decorating. Functionality is key, but design reign over the need to feel comfortable. Heated marble floors ensure coziness and visual pleasure while the bright natural light reflectingin the mirrors exposes the eye to an inspiring mix of details. British architectural studio SHH was responsible for this project and they did a fantastic job in every corner of the Addison Road House.

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Spa bathrooms are one of the 10 must-have things luxury home buyers want most. One look at the marble-decorated bathroom above and you will understand that there are as many bathroom designs as there are dreamers. Imagined by Thompson Custom Homes for one of their clients, this bathroom is simply stunning!

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When it comes to feminine marble bathrooms, colors and details make a space welcoming. Marble countertops can be that detail that changes the atmosphere – grey and white Cararra marble looks amazing in this plantation-style estate in Atlanta. You’ll surely find inspiration for your dream marble bathroom, so take a close look at the details in each photo.

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Vibrancy and elegance mix together to result in a dynamic and refreshing bathroom design in the example above. Marble details, modern design lines and sleek furnishings make this Trousdale home‘s master bathroom look inviting, while the giant windows flood the space with sunshine. Who doesn’t love sunshine in the bathroom?

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If you’re looking for a striking display of marble in your bathroom, the example above will serve you well. It’s part of the Project 910 by Kiko Salomão – an astounding apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Bold-colored details like a simple and sophisticated bunch of bright flowers break the monotony of a marble-encrusted bathroom design.

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Then there is the all-marble bathroom design – a spacious place where privacy is highly valued, like in this Seacombe Grove House by b.e architecture. A skylight ensures natural light floods the bathtub while the marble seems to capture a still moment of sophistication. The oversized bathroom mirror ensures the space is well lit and there is plenty of room to admire yourself in the privacy of a stunning modern bathroom.

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A free-standing bathtub near a marble wall could be just the thing you need to spruce up your bathroom design. Take example from the Skyline House by Dick Clark Architecture and create a cozy, inspiring private heaven to infuse you with energy for the whole day. Then, at night, enjoy a hot bath in your customized spa-styled marble bathroom.

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A marble-detailed bathroom with filtered natural light flooding its darkest corners might be just the thing you were looking for to keep you relaxed and joyful. This two-story penthouse on the Lower East Side in Manhattan proves that comfort in the city includes a fabulous bathroom design. All those reflecting surfaces create a cheerful play of light.

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Another example of a luxurious bathroom dressed in marble and wood comes to shine light on your decisions. Wood bathroom shelves captured in marble niches not only look good, but are also highly functional: towels, decorations or flower vases help liven up the space and allow you to play with colors and textures. Large windows help lighten up the space, while the altitude of the apartment allows full transparency.

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If your bathroom is small and you want to make it more functional, use creativity when it comes to the layout. Luscious materials like marble can upgrade the feel of even a compact bathroom, details can shape a modern space and you will be glad to have invested in a fabulous material with a wide range of applications.

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A mix of concrete and marble targets a more dramatic and industrial feel. When lit through a skylight, the bathroom opens up to reveal details otherwise hidden behind artificial lighting during the day. Seen in Villa Extramuros in Alto-Alentejo, Portugal, this concrete and marble bathroom stands as proof that two cold materials can create an inviting setting.

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Displaying either fine veins or large details that shape depth, modern marble bathrooms surprise the essence of luxury. In order to keep this space private, use different types of transparency levels to hide from indiscreet eyes or install roman blinds for extra privacy when needed, like in the example above.

Whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration on how a modern marble bathroom could look like, just come back and bring your friends with you. And if our list made you feel at least a bit more relaxed, we couldn’t be happier and we invite you to keep scrolling through another royally-inspired list of 40 Stunning Bedrooms Flaunting Decorative Canopy Beds.

Enjoy and let us know which one is your very favorite!