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Window In The Shower

Bathroom windows are wonderful for bringing in natural light and air while protecting privacy when there is a shade or window covering. But a window in the shower itself can be more complicated for privacy. Many shower windows have beautiful outdoor views, and those that open allow more ventilation.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Private Luxury

Getty Images/Johner RF Shop These Products Now: Bathtub – Sink Cabinet – Handheld Shower Modern bathroom design is centered around a simple, clean, minimalistic look and feel. Think geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors and mid-century…

30 Quick and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you dread walking into your dated bathroom and dream of a change, we’ve got a fresh list of bathroom decorating ideas that are inexpensive and simple to do. The most important project you can do for a bathroom makeover is a lighting upgrade. A Swedish study found that…

What is a Transitional Bathroom and How Can You Get This Look?

The transitional bathroom is the most popular bathroom design style, according to the 2019 Bathroom Design Trends report by the National Kitchen + Bath Association. And according to trend spotter Elle H-Millard, Industry Relations Manager at the NKBA (and also a cast member on season…

2019 Bathroom Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

Kitchens might be the heart of the home, but bathrooms are definitely the muscle. After all, which room in your home has to double as a dog wash and a makeup station? Of course, making your bathroom one of your favorite rooms in your house has as much to do…

How to Share a Bathroom (and Keep the Peace)

As far as house drama goes, the bathroom has got to be one of the most common key players. With real estate at a premium and more people than bathrooms, sharing can definitely land you in hot water — and not the soothing kind.

Designing the Perfect Kids’ Bathroom

As a child, I was fortunate enough to have my own bathroom (actually, it was a Jack and Jill bathroom that I shared with the guest bedroom, but we only had guests for a handful of days out of the year). My bathroom was pink, which my parents thought was…

How to Reduce Moisture in the Bathroom

If you have moisture in the bathroom, below are several ways to make sure your bathroom is staying as dry as possible. And even if you don’t have current visible moisture issues, you can still prevent future problems and keep your bathroom feeling less humid with these tips.

Water Closets: Essential or a Waste of Bathroom Space?

When you’re designing a bathroom, you’re probably going to view the 2019 trends in bathroom technology and the latest faucet trends for inspiration. A water closet is another bathroom feature that is popular among some homeowners — but it’s considered unnecessary by others.

Undermount, Wall Mount, Drop In, Vessel, Pedestal — All About Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks come in a dizzying array of styles. Not that we’re complaining. If you’re anything like us, you love that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling. But unlike candy, which is inexpensive and quickly consumed, once you purchase a sink, it’s going to be in your bathroom for a while. So you need…