Martin Boles Architect completed the design of DomT House, built for a family with two small children in Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia. The 1,500-square-foot home is on the lot where one of the clients’ parents grew up.

The house’s pitched roof and timber cladding (raw, untreated larch wood) were inspired by the area’s traditional barn-like structures, called “stodola.”

“The figurative form of a barn has been extruded along the northern edge of the site and broken in the middle to maximize solar conditions,” the architects explained. “The glazed facade blurs a border between the interior and exterior, and enables a strong connection with the garden.”

“Two concrete blocks, referred to as ‘boxes,’ offer the primary structural support for the house,” the architects said. “They are visually detached from the external walls so that the central living space is optically larger.”

Two small rooms above the concrete volumes, nestled under the pitched roof, provide intimate spaces for family activities. Extensive use of wood brings warmth inside the open-plan living area. [Information provided by Martin Boles Architect; photography by Erika Banyayova]