The owner of this apartment in Russia commissioned Geometrium to design a cozy bachelor´s loft. The 472-square-foot crib was converted from industrial premises, without losing its vintage personality. Special materials and finishes like natural stone, brick and wood add to the originality of the living spaces.

The apartment will be used as a place to rest and sleep during the week and as a gathering venue for 5-6 friends during week-ends. One of the most important requests from the brief was a separate bedroom. The client wanted a standard comfortable bed instead of an expandable sofa.

The customer does not plan to cook a lot at home (claiming his “basic bachelor dish” is scrambled eggs and cereals in the morning), so the kitchen accommodates only the bare essentials: a refrigerator, built-in cabinets, a sink and a tiny oven. A bar in the middle of the room divides the functional spaces and can serve as coffee/dining table when guests come over.

The projector screen built into the ceiling extends with the push of a button, turning the living area into a perfect place for movie watching. Designed as a recreation area, the balcony is large enough for a sofa and some storage units. We enjoy the unconventional layout of this small crib and hope you will be inspired by it as well! [Photos and information provided by Geometrium]