Visualized by S&T architects, this apartment in Odessa, Ukraine blends somber and chic interiors. The project — named 9th Pearl — was imagined as a bachelor pad with plenty of rooms for guests and entertaining.

The living area has an intimate feel, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window blinds and a well-chosen color palette: “In this home the deep, rich colors are the ultimate in masculine elegance,” the designers said. “A forest green sofa and lusciously dark wood paneling give an immediate sense of a private den, something much more sophisticated than a modern-day man cave.”

As you step into the kitchen, the visual rhythm changes completely, as lighter tones of wood take over. The kitchen exudes a lively, welcoming feel, that is perfect for social gatherings. An array of shelving units and cupboards offer a large amount of storage and the breakfast bar can double as a work space.

In the more intimate areas, a large platform bed is low to the ground and cozy, while the mostly monochromatic bathroom is more than a bit indulgent,” the designers added. [Photographs courtesy of S&T architects]

What do you think of this bachelor pad’s blend of light and dark interiors?