Ayesha Curry holds an impressive resume: cookbook author, Covergirl spokesmodel, TV host and mom to two little girls. Her latest business venture is one we can’t wait to get our hands on this holiday season.

Curry’s new line of cookware launched exclusively at Target in October but has since become accessible through other stores such as JCPenney. The line is comprised of items available in maroon, blue, brown or stainless steel and includes an array of pots and pans as well as other fun items like a bacon grease jar and a cast iron skillet.

When examining the line, it’s easy to see it was created by someone who loves to cook and does a lot of it. It’s evident Curry took the time to consider common cooking and baking struggles that can leave people frustrated. Each piece in this collection is as functional as it is elegant, and might be exactly what your kitchen needs this holiday season. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Casserole dish

Perfect for an easy pasta bake or green bean casserole, this charming casserole dish is sure to wow your guests on weeknights at home or at holiday family potlucks. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen’s other dishware, and the simple but sweet details on the handle and sides of this dish will make it one of your favorites to use time and time again.

High functionality with whimsical-but-classic details. What more could you want? $30. Image:

Bacon grease jar

So cute your cooking friends will gush over it, this bacon drippings jar is everything we didn’t know we needed. We’re sure we aren’t the only ones who’ve found ourselves in a bind while cooking any sort of meat on the stove top and it comes time to drain the grease. This jar gives you a designated and adorable place to put the unwanted hot liquid until it’s ready to be scraped into the trash can (or used again in another recipe).

This enamel-covered steel jar is here to change your kitchen dynamic forever. $14. Image: Target

Cake pan (with lid!)

Not only is this cake pan a gorgeous copper hue, but it also comes with bonus functionality in the form of a simplistic plastic lid. We’re already dreaming about the ways we can use this. Birthday cakes and cupcakes are now more functionally transported; coffee cakes will stay fresher longer; brownies no longer have to be packed away in plastic containers. This cake pan is an essential for the holiday season and the treats it warrants and brings.

You can throw away your aluminum foil and cling wrap now. $20. Image: Target

Wooden cutting board

Reminiscent of a favorite aunt’s butcher block counter, this cutting board is as solid and useful as it is gorgeous. The raised edges help prevent spill-over or juicy messes on your countertops while its aesthetic qualities make you want to hang it up on your kitchen wall. The ideal hostess gift or essential tool in being the best hostess, this cutting board is at the top of our list.

No matter which way you slice it, this cutting board is a kitchen staple. $30. Image: Target

Rubber spatulas

Anyone who has ever made so much as a batch of boxed brownies knows it’s near impossible to scoop all the mix, batter or dough out of the bowl with a wooden spoon. Rubber spatulas eliminate that problem, as they grab every last bit from the mixing bowl, making them a baker’s best ally. Factor in the adorable designs on Ayesha Curry’s rubber spatula set and you’ve got smiles across the board. These would make amazing stocking stuffers for the foodie in your life … and while you’re at it, grab yourself a pair too. You know you want to.

Rubber spatulas make it easier to get all the ingredients out of your mixing bowls — and are a lot easier to lick batter off of than a whisk. $10 for set of two. Image: Target

Shopping for your friends’ holiday gifts just got easier — each piece of Curry’s line is equally awesome and sure to be opened with ecstatic “thank yous.” But this holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself, too. After all, the right tools can help make your job as a hostess a hundred times easier so you can spend time with the people who matter most … and worry about the dishes later.