Daniele Claudio Taddei Architect completed the design of Autumn House, a contemporary residence in Switzerland that perfectly suits the living needs of a multi-generational family.

“Three generations, two cats and one dog living under one roof was a bit tight, so the grandparents decided to use a leftover corner from their property to get their own roof, building a house attached to the old one for themselves and their pets in this neighborhood adjacent the City of Zurich,” the architects said.

The idea was to have a vertical building wrapped in wood and annexed to the initial construction. A metal staircase in stainless steel connects the three floors of this new addition.

The Autumn House is accessed through the street level, which also doubles as a laundry room. On the ground floor, the living room can be fully opened up to the outside with foldable glass panels to the garden in the south. This brings the serene atmosphere of the garden inside, giving a sense of openness despite the relatively small size. It also adds some color and life to the clean minimalist design.

The second level faces the airy staircase and accommodates one bathroom and two bedrooms. One bedroom has a secret door leading directly to the granddaughters’ room, making babysitting very easy. “The project modernized and cleaned the look of both houses, giving them a distinctive face in this suburban surrounding form the 60’s,” concluded the developing team about Autumn House. [Photos and information courtesy of Daniele Claudio Taddei Architect]