Named Habiter sous les toits — which literally translates as “living under the roof” — this attic apartment by Prisca Pellerin blends rustic architecture elements and contemporary interior design. The objective of this renovation project located in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, was to maximize space and bring in as much natural light as possible through a series of well-placed attic windows. 

“From the bedroom to the living room, the eye finds no obstacle in its way, thanks to the funnel effect of the central corridor, which is the point of convergence between all the functions of the apartment,” the designer explained.

The color palette was kept simple: “In order to create a warm and cocooning place, walls and sub-slopes are clothed in white and light gold grey,” the designer added. A large array of textures were used — matte and satin paint, polished concrete, brick, wood — including a variety of plants in pops of vivid green to add to the streamlined, contemporary interior. [Photography by Hugo Hébrard photographe d’architecture]

How well do you think this attic apartment blending rustic with contemporary?