Welcome to a lovely attic apartment in Luxembourg, which successfully combines modern and rustic details. The turn of the century crib was recently upgraded by Epad Architecture Office to become an airy contemporary home, despite the numerous challenges the renovation encountered along the way.

“The existing openings in the roof, floors and walls were kept and enlarged where needed,” the architects explained. “The former narrow and steep stairs leading to the attic floor was demolished and replaced by wide and open wood and steel stairs, which now lead to the top through a much bigger opening in the attic floor.” Daylight now reaches the corridor on the second floor below, which used to lie in the dark before.

The bedrooms are located on the bottom level, while the upper floor is reserved for entertainment. The social core of this attic apartment is a lounge area that is perfect for gatherings among friends. A modern steel fireplace reigns on top of a  transparent glass slab. So thick, in fact, that it is sturdy enough to walk on.

Six large and four standard roof windows flood the space with natural light. According to the architects, the timber roof structure has been thoroughly renovated and so the main posts and beams were kept visible. This adds tremendously to the charm of this Luxembourg attic retreat. [Photography courtesy of Epad]