Displaying a minimalist design character, this family home on the outskirts of Munich, Germany is a contemporary approach to the dwellings one can find in the neighborhood: ” The building follows line of the houses in the street and thus continues the urban edge along the link road. The front garden area next to the street is thereby supported and the roof orientation of the surrounding buildings continued. The typical picture of a gabled roof house characteristic of the area is taken up, but is enhanced by the perforated facade and interpreted contemporarily.” Planned and implemented by Format Elf Architects, the residence partially closes to the street side in order to prevent noise polluting in the interiors and opens up towards the garden through large windows.

Simplicity was key to designing an elegant, spacious and airy home on a relatively small plot: “The predominant colours and materials used on the building are reflected in the interior design. The living room is separated from the circulation area by two black furniture boxes. The white floor gives the room brightness and depth. The timber of the Brettstapel ceiling remains visible and is repeated in the furniture, stairs and doors.” Offering all the modern life benefits a small family needs, this home in Munich is a fresh dose of inspiration. How do you find it? [Photography by Cordula De Bloeme]