Alexandra Kehayoglou is an artist in an unusual medium. Her realistic mossy forest creations are actually rugs made out of wool carpet scraps and thread that she gets from her family’s factory in Argentina.

These forest creations are exceptionally lifelike, evoking a sense of wonder at the outdoors. Some connect to wall hangings to create three-dimensional illusions, furthering the sense that it is a portal to another world.

Kehayoglou suspects that the skill is in her blood. After she finished art school in 2008, she returned to a medium familiar to her; her family was among the first rug makers in Argentina, and she grew up with specialists in the trade.

“Using it as an artist became inevitable,” she said. “The style that I’ve created is an abstraction of landscapes from my country. I would like everyone who looks at my pieces to feel that they are entering a new context. The pieces are big and feel infinite. They are meant to be portals that have the power of taking you where your memories are.”

Each of the forest creations is handmade. The larger and more complex pieces can take as long as two months to complete. Could you see one of these rugs in your home?