The House About to Launch is a mini-sized and sun-drenched apartment located in Tainan City, Taiwan. It is a special home that acts as a daily reminder for its owner- a fighter engineer- to dream and fly. The team at HAO Design paid tribute to elements like airplanes and airports, suggested throughout the design. However, they also had to take into account the wife’s wishes, who requested a bright, natural and cozy style. The result is a mixed Nordic interior scheme enhanced with industrial design character.

The feeling of comfort is given away by the sky-blue wall, white bricks and natural sunlight. The aviation theme comes into play from the hallway, where inhabitants are greeted by a forest-green wall with the world map printed on it. A metal dining table hinting an aircraft wing contrasts heavily with the wooden textures spread all around the house. The silver metal wall acts as a sliding door towards the bathroom.  Coziness was particularly important in the bedroom area, where industrial elements were set aside. Instead of a large storage cabinet, the designers opted for several creative shelving units. [Information provided via e-mail by HAO Design; Photography: Joey Liu]