Scenario Architecture creatively redesigned a Victorian terrace house located in London, United Kingdom. The residence, named Canfield Gardens, was planned according to the living needs of a small family. After studying the clients’ living habits, the developing team found out that 90 percent of their time is spent in just 10 percent of the space, so solving for this was the main challenge for the project.

“A cut in the ground floor, and relocation of the staircase, proved to be a simple and effective solution,” the architects explained. “This created a mezzanine level offering a visual and physical connection to the two floors and a vertical flow of movement. The cut was located in such a way to allow the maximum amount of daylight down to the basement level.”

Sharp corners and angular forms were replaced by continuous and softly curved geometries. Those are juxtaposed with materials in their most bare state; concrete, wood, aluminum, glass and natural plaster, to introduce a sense of ‘eroded’ minimalism to the house. Splashes of color make the interiors feel fresh and dynamic. [Photography courtesy of Scenario Architecture]

What do you think of this redesigned Victorian terrace house?