Envisioned as a home away from home for a young family, The Spiegel Haus in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia is defined by a robust and low-maintenance nature. The project borrows its name from the many mirrors employed to better illuminate the spaces, while creating special visual effects: “At the Spiegel Haus the namesake mirrors line the slot void and bring light into the heart of the plan, providing wonderful happen-chance views of the trees and sky beyond”, the team at Carterwilliamson Architects explained. The mirrors are the highlight of the social zones, playfully reflecting spaces, as natural light hues switch from morning till sunset.

The residence is structured on three floors and was designed to accommodate many overseas visitors: “With frequent guests and a house operating across more levels, grey-iron bark was used to line and demarcate the circulation spaces. The sculptural timber stair sits at the heart of the home, bleeding out at each floor to define the path of movement.” An array of different textures adds a dynamic feel to the interiors, while the curtains and the abundance of glass bring in a breezy, holiday-inspiring feel. [Photos by Brett Boardman Photography]