Local design studio Anne Rolland Architecte took on the ambitious task of converting a 17th-century horse stable into a small studio apartment in Paris, France.

The former stables were associated with a townhouse in Paris dating back to the 1600s, and had been left vacant and abandoned for more than 70 years. For this cozy 254-square-foot studio apartment, the task of making the tight space livable required the architect to think creatively to accommodate all of the necessities for apartment living.

Even though the space is tiny, all the essentials including a kitchen, full bathroom, lofted sleeping space and workspace are built into the design through the use of a partition. There are also custom-designed features for optimal organization and storage including shelves, drawers and cabinetry. The exposed stone walls covering the interior and colorful tiles in the bathroom are a nod to this studio’s rustic roots.

Through the course of renovations, the architects also discovered a historical addition to the space that they chose to embrace despite its original purpose — the 107-square-foot stone pit found under the former stables was once used to collect animal waste. The architects haven’t decided yet how the room should be used, but the space was included in the renovations and now sports a mechanical trap door. [Photos by Jérome Fleurier]

What is your favorite part of this renovated small studio?