France-based Agnès & Agnès architecture transformed an old two story carpentry workshop into an unconventional loft. This creative crib is located in the heart of Paris and accommodates a family of seven: two adults and five teenagers.

The young and dynamic feel of this home becomes clear as you step inside the generously-sized ground level, covered by a huge skylight. All the everyday functional spaces are located here; the living area, the TV room, kitchen and dining are on this open-concept level.

In order to visually reduce the scale of the common area, the two architects came up with a brilliant solution: “We have decided to provide this large void (3,444 ft²) with little boxes fulfilling the needed functions. These boxes have a pitched house shape and are scattered on both levels,” Agnes & Agnes said.

The main bottom-level box, which accommodates the kitchen and dining room, has a black exterior, powerfully contrasting the splashed of blue and orange spread throughout. “Every room is like a little house with a different color in the interior reflecting each child’s personality. The corridor serving all the rooms is provided with a handrail in perforated steel and a flexible floor to give a fresh feel to it,” the architects added. [Photography by Cecile Septet]