Livi, “a versatile planter for virtually any vertical surface,” reimagines how we incorporate plants into our lives. Instead of exiling dusty potted plants to unfrequented corners, Livi creates a vertical hanging garden. Herbs can be kept close at hand on the fridge door or kitchen window. Office windows can be brightened up with fun new colors. By using vertical space, plants can be incorporated into your home decoration in new and interesting ways.

Simple to use, the plants can either be planted directly into the Livi or with a small pot in the body. Each Livi comes with a pipette to water the plant. Excess water drains through the bottom of the pot into the base of the Livi.

Livi is a project of several San Francisco-based architects. The final product was created after collaborating with multiple designers and manufacturers. Livi went through several painstaking design processes to find the right human-centric design: 32 different prototypes were created, then user tested before the final design was certain. The goal of 25,500 on Kickstarter was fully funded earlier this month.

Livis are based on organic shapes found in nature and created from 100% recycled material. They make their climb using micro-suction pads. Created from an innovative nanotechnology material, they will adhere to virtually any vertical surface without leaving a residue. The micro-suction pads are easily reusable if the new surface is cleaned and prepared properly.