Located in a Mediterranean olive grove landscape in Zgharta, Lebanon, Zgharta Residence by  platau is an L-shaped contemporary home adapted to an inclined terrain. According to the architects, the residence is perceived as “a series of horizontal silhouettes that fade out in the ground, inscribing the house in its larger geography while giving it privacy from the proximity of the road”. Sandstone cladding, concrete and glass are the main materials employed for the construction. Large roof cantilevers provide shade and privacy for the glazed interiors below.

The project covers an area of 4,305 square feet and consists of two floors: “The lower level comprises bedrooms, bathrooms, and technical spaces. The upper level is dedicated to the main living space, dining, kitchen and library. The extrusion of the two horizontal levels creates a third space, an outdoor courtyard which allows the landscape to slide throughout the house. A U-shaped stone wall wraps diagonally around the two floors, creating an intense outer edge, and a series of enclosed patios.” The interiors are fully glazed, offering the inhabitants a chance to easily connect to the outdoor courtyards and distant mountain views. [Photography by Ieva Saudargaite]