Designer Antonio Meze at Meze Headphones has merged modern and handcrafted style in the 99 Classics Gold and Silver headphones. They feature natural materials for a balanced sound; a headband that delivers even pressure for any head size; and memory foam ear cups.

“There are no parts in this assembly that serve as decoration only; they are all functional structural elements, given a unique style,” the designer said. “The soft parts that come in contact with the ear are memory foam covered in soft PU leather. The metal hardware is cast zinc and manganese spring steel. The ear cups have a satin finished woodgrain.”

“Our aim is to change the perception of headphones as technical devices or as cheap plastic accessories and create a mature product to fall in love with: headphones that have a technical hint but are very elegant and wearable at the same time; a marriage of modern design with traditional crafts and elements with technical and aesthetic excellence,” Meze said.

The Gold pair features black and walnut finishes at a retail price of $309. The Silver headphones, with ivory and maple finishes, are available for preorder; shipping starts in January. Freshome has featured other projects from the studio: Meze 11 Deco Earphones and the Meze 11 Classics. [Photos and information provided by Antonio Meze]