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From tiny desk accessories to pans that cook entire meals, some key home essentials are too useful, too stylish or too much fun to pass up. The best part? They won’t break your budget. Check out 25 of our favorite home products that come in under $25.

1. For Those Who Need Help Remembering To Water: Watering Can

If you’re like us, you may neglect watering your plants until they get a little droopy. Put a stylish watering can — such as this one from Esschert — in plain view and you might find the task a little easier.


2. For a Brighter Backyard: Outdoor String Lights

Add some ambiance to your outdoor space by stringing up a strand of lights. A 25-foot strand of 25 classic bulbs from Brightown will inspire you to plan your next backyard barbecue.


3. For a Smarter Way to Dry: Dryer Balls

An eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets, these 100 percent wool balls are reusable for over 1,000 loads. They soften laundry without chemicals or preservatives, so they’re perfect for those with sensitive skin. Try this set of six from Smart Sheep.

4. For Staying Up To Date: Wall Calendar

We like this wall-calendar decal because the black dry-erase style doesn’t make the room feel busy, even when your schedule is. Get this one from Wall Pops, and don’t forget to pick up something to write with.

5. For Storing Sweaters in Summer: Space Bags

These vacuum-sealing bags from Ziploc come in a variety of sizes, all of which will shrink down your bulky clothing and bedding significantly to make them easier to store.

6. For a One-Pan Wonder: Cast Iron Skillet

Every kitchen should have a heavy-duty pan to cook everything from pancakes to pan-fried chicken quickly and evenly. Take care of it (no soap!) and it will last forever. Lodge’s pre-seasoned cast iron skillets set the standard.

7. For Better Chopping: Bamboo Cutting Boards

Safe for the environment and strong enough for everyday use, bamboo is an exceptional cutting board material. This three-piece Totally Bamboo set is not only useful, it’s also good-looking.

8. For Putting Things Away (Kind of): Wire Baskets

You know those household items you need to organize without moving them out of sight? Enter these wire baskets from Spectrum. They’re useful enough to help you tidy up, yet attractive enough to sit out in plain view.

9. For Your Favorite (Too) Fuzzy Sweater: Fabric Defuzzer

It’s a hard truth that everything cozy — sweaters, blankets, scarves — will one day begin to pill. Hit your most-loved items with this Conair Fabric Defuzzer and they’ll be like new again in no time.

10. For Happier Feet: Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat

You can’t be busy in the kitchen without standing, and the hard surfaces can be tough on your feet. Pick up a Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat and prepare for the memory-foam-like composition to make you fall in love with standing.  

11. For Serving Up In Style: Serving Tray

This sleek and simplistic tray can be used to display your culinary creations at cocktail parties, serve breakfast in bed or just rein in kitchen counter clutter. We like this one from Zak Designs, which comes in a range of colors to suit your taste.

12. For a Welcome Change: Coco Fiber Doormat

There are probably very few households that don’t need a new doormat. If yours isn’t one of them, this simple-but-pleasing coco fiber mat from Kempf will hold up in the elements and look great doing it.

13. For a New Way To Wake Up: Alarm Clock

Still using a circa-1990 alarm clock? Consider it time to upgrade to a more modern bedside staple. We love the sleek, dark wood finish of this clock by EXP, which also displays the date and temperature.

14. For Wine Lovers: Wine Aerator

Whether you’re a wine snob or a casual enthusiast, you can impress your friends and enjoy better wine with a good aerator, such as this one from Vinturi.

15. For Sophisticated Morning Coffee: French Press

The French-press method of brewing coffee is gaining popularity, and for good reason: It tastes great. Replace (or supplement) your big mechanical coffeemaker with this stainless steel stovetop kettle from Francois et Mimi.

16. For a Smoother Sleep: Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are great for looks, and not just the way they look on the bed. They’re known to decrease the progression of wrinkles and to give hair a shinier appearance. Those are good reasons to spend eight hours a night on silk pillowcases, such as these from Lilysilk.

17. For Spontaneous Jam Sessions: Wireless Speaker

Every home should have a speaker that can go anywhere, whether it’s your companion while cooking in the kitchen or setting the mood for dinner on the patio. We’ve picked the wireless, Bluetooth-compatible TaoTronics Speaker; you pick the music.

18. For a Different Kind of Closet Makeover: Wooden Hangers

Nice clothes deserve nice hangers. Get rid of your mismatched collection and grab a set of 16 wooden hangers from AmazonBasics. While you’re at it, you might as well pick some up for your pants, too.

19. For Those Who Need Something To Water: Salsa Garden Seed Kit

With seeds for 10 easy-to-grow salsa veggies, this complete garden in a can from My Patriot Supply Co. can be grown in plots large or small. It also makes an awesome housewarming gift.

20. For the Artsy Home Office: Mini Hanger Paper Clips

We’re not even sure why these exist, but we are glad they do. They come in packs of 24 from Tim Holtz Idea-ology; get a second set for the office to liven up your paperwork.

21. For a Fabulously Scented Home: Essential Oil Diffuser

If you haven’t tried aromatherapy, this is an excellent way to start. We love the simple, modern design of this diffuser by Mammoth. It’s ultra-quiet and it doubles as a humidifier.

22. For One More Kitchen Gadget: 5-in-1 Utensil

OK, so you might not really need another one. But this Uni-Tool from Joseph Joseph can be used as a slotted spoon, a turner, a solid spoon, a spatula and a cutting tool. Pick it up and downsize your utensil drawer.

23. For the Tangled Mess of Cords: Cable Organizers

It’s impossible to live without cords and cables, yet getting them all tangled up is inevitable. We think bypassing the frustration with this set of eight Flexi Ties by UT Wires is an investment worth making. Plus, they come in three fun colors.

24. For Wall Art That Does a Job: Wall-Mount Rack

With so many creative options out there, we can’t think of a reason to settle for plain wall hooks for hanging up our coats, bags and keys. One of our favorites is this modern design by Umbra.


25. For the Kids: Wood Blocks

Children’s toys don’t always have to be bright and plastic. A set of wooden blocks should be a staple in every household where kids are known to roam. This 80-piece set from EverEarth features a variety of shapes.