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Consider these 2017 kitchen trends.

There’s still plenty of time to get in on these 2017 kitchen trends. Image: Michael Morris – Residential Project Advisory

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Designing a state-of-the-art kitchen is one of the top items on every homeowner’s wish list. However, many find themselves at a standstill when faced with the opportunity. Of course, you want your kitchen’s new look to be modern, ideally looking like it sprang from the pages of a magazine. At the same time, kitchens are pricey enough that you want to make sure your aesthetic stays stylish for the foreseeable future. Striking the perfect balance between these goals can be tricky.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of 2017 kitchen trends that are sure to be here for the long haul. Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or incorporating details from an existing space, give these looks a once over. Pick and choose the elements you love and you’ll have the tools to create a space that’s both on-trend and timeless.

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Use black and white hues.

Black and white kitchens are both modern and timeless. Image: Chris Snook

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Go classic with black and white

Out of all the trends on this list, we love this one in particular because it’s an absolute classic. Black and white are a timeless color combo, so if you decide to work with this look, there’s no doubt you’ll end up with a look that will stay current for years to come.

As for how to pull it off, successful monochromatic color schemes are all about creating a striking contrast. To do this, choose one color to take a dominant role and then use the other in one or two statement elements. You could, for example, feature a black island as in the picture above or  offset black cabinets against a white backsplash and countertops.

Additionally, make sure that any design elements that fall outside of the black-and-white theme also have a strong visual impact. Consider choosing metals like chrome that have a high-shine finish or even adding in a bold accent color with your accessories.

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Remember clean lines.

Focus on incorporating clean lines into the space. Image: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

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Choose cabinetry with clean lines

Many of these 2017 kitchen trends center around clean, almost stark, aesthetics. Where your cabinetry is concerned, draw your design inspiration from commercial kitchens.

This means going as sleek and minimalist as possible. Choose linear cabinetry that features sharp angles and, if you really want to go all in, consider a model that doesn’t have drawer pulls. The simpler the better. You also want to keep this goal in mind as you work on designing the rest of the space. Look for furniture, lighting and fixtures with the same sort of architectural style.

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Add in some copper.

Choose copper to be your statement piece. Image: Katie Martinez Design

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Add in pops of copper

For years, stainless steel was the only way to go when it came to designing gourmet kitchens, but it seems the tides have turned. These days homeowners are looking for something a little different, something to make their kitchen stands out from the crowd. Copper seems to be the winning pick.

If you decide to update the kitchen with copper, be sure to make it your statement piece. However, the decision of which design element should be featured is entirely up to you. You could include it in your lighting, invest in your cooker hood, showcase your oven or splurge on a farmhouse sink.

Regardless of which item you end up choosing to highlight, remember the finish is key. With copper, polished is the only way to go. You want your statement piece to shine as much as possible so it really stands out and draws the eye.

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Try a patterned floor.

Bring in tons of visual interest with a patterned floor. Image: Saikley Architects

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Consider a patterned floor

As far as these 2017 kitchen trends are concerned, this one is a bit of an outlier. We think it’s still worth noting, though, because it’s an indicator of how tastes are changing. In contrast to your standard wood (or wood-looking laminate) that has a tendency to blend into the background, patterned floors are all about infusing the space with your personal style.

While the look of the pattern is entirely up to you, there are two factors to consider. The first is its size. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, big patterns will actually help tight kitchens appear larger. Tight patterns, on the other hand, will have a stronger visual impact.

The layout of the pattern is another consideration. Before selecting a design, look around the room to take stock of its angles. If the space is relatively squared off, you have lots of choices at your disposal. However, if your kitchen has some strange angles, stick to patterns with lots of negative space so you can cut some pieces without sacrificing your aesthetic.

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Try these trends.

Don’t hesitate to give these 2017 kitchen trends a try. Image: Urrutia Design

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We all want our kitchens to feel current, but many people wonder how to decipher which trends are fleeting and which will stay around long enough to be worth the investment. If you find yourself in a similar situation, consider the tips above. With them in mind, you’ll be able to create a space that will stay popular for the long haul.

What do you think of these 2017 kitchen trends? Will you be giving them a try in your own home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.