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Copper is truly the hot metal in 2017. Image: Riach Architects

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We’ve already talked extensively about the style trends you need to know for this year, but we would be remiss if we didn’t take a second to discuss one of its breakout stars. When it comes to metals, the 2017 copper trend is unparalleled.

A welcome departure from the run-of-the-mill stainless steel fixtures we’ve seen for years, copper brings a fresh twist to spaces where it’s incorporated. Rather than giving rooms a cold, stark feel, this metal creates a warmer aesthetic that is still unquestionably modern.

If you’re ready to jump on the copper bandwagon, this post is for you. Use this as your guide for how to include it in the rooms of your home. Whether you use a little of it or a lot is up to you. Either way, we suggest you keep these tips on hand because this trend will be around for a while.

Allow copper to pop against a neutral background. Image: Gulledge Homes

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Set copper against a plain background

It almost goes without saying that copper is meant to stand out. In order to showcase this material at its finest, you need to create a neutral background that allows the warm metal to really draw the eye. Doing so will also lend an additional modern tone to the space.

While all of the usual neutral hues — black, gray, brown and tan — are solid options, this is one case where a crisp white may work best. Consider using white shades throughout many of your design elements to give the room a light and airy feel. Remember that natural materials like wood and marble also count as neutrals. Consider including them to add more visual interest.

When creating a look that centers around one consistent color, it’s important to rely on your other design components to create differentiation. Be sure to include a variety of distinct shapes, patterns, prints and textures to help break up the monotony.

Try incorporating a variety of geometric shapes. Image: NettHaus Design-Build

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Play around with geometric shapes

Maybe it’s because of copper’s history as the go-to plumbing material, but this metal shines especially bright when used in geometric shapes. Take the picture above as an example. Angular furniture, lighting and wall art are all good options for places to start.

That said, you need to take your individual style preferences into consideration. Some design styles fit better with geometrics than others. In particular, relaxed mid-century modern looks are known for including these shapes. Urban industrial aesthetics are also a good option. However, these pieces may look out of place in more traditional interiors, so use your best judgment.

Consider using copper with different metals. Image: Profile Building

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Contrast copper with other metals

Even though we’re highlighting copper in this post, that doesn’t mean it has to be the only metal you use in a room. In fact, this metal plays incredibly well with others. When combined in the right way, the extreme between two opposite metals can help add a luxe feel to your interiors.

When mixing metals, consider their color temperature. Metals like copper, gold and bronze are said to have a warm color temperature. In contrast, chrome and steel visually register as having a cool temperature. Be sure to choose one metal from each category so their undertones don’t clash.

In addition, to pull this look off, pay close attention to how much of each metal is used. One should take a dominant role and be included more heavily throughout the space. The other should be used sparingly, with the focus limited to one or two statement pieces.

Add small pops of copper through your accessories. Image: Sculleries of Stockbridge

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Try it out in your accessories

For those who are hesitant to fully commit to copper by including it in a high-priced item that can’t easily be replaced, don’t worry. Accessories are the tried-and-true way to dip your toe into a new interior design trend — and this metal is no exception.

The room you’re designing will dictate which types of accessories you choose, but there are plenty of options. Kitchens could feature a set of copper pots or shiny drawer pulls. Dining areas might include a copper lighting fixture. Living rooms and bedrooms may benefit from copper wall art or smaller décor items like vases or candle holders.

However, there is one key rule to making accessories look like they’re a conscious design choice: You must continue the look in several places throughout the room. While larger statement pieces can stand alone, if you’re incorporating the trend through smaller items, you need to use a few coordinating pieces to tie the look together.

Let copper bring warmth into your interiors. Image: Kitchens By Kleweno

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Out of all of the interior design trends from 2017, copper deserves to be discussed at length. This warm metal is a refreshing change from the harsh connotations created by more traditional options. If you’re a fan of the modern-yet-welcoming look that copper can bring to your interiors, keep this post close at hand. No matter which room you’re hoping to redesign, our tips will help you create an eye-catching final product.

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What do you think of the 2017 copper trend? Will you be adding more of this metal into the rooms of your home? Let us know in the comments below.