Did you ever think of the alphabet as inspiration for creative home designs? Make Architecture Studio completed the development of the charming M House, a single family residence in Auckland, New Zealand: “Small, but with delight, this project looks at how a modest alteration and addition can make a positive contribution to the way a family lives. The new addition was kept as small as possible to retain the backyard space. The double hip roof form of the existing house has been extruded to the rear and pulled away to create a small courtyard.” This way, all living spaces are bathed in natural light during winter.

The M-shaped roof is also visible indoors, creating impressive ceiling heights and contributing to a dynamic atmosphere. The social core of the house is a generously-sized living and dining room, which is further continued outdoors: “With its wraparound bench seat, the courtyard becomes an extension of the living space, allowing for family life and activities to spill outside when extra space is required. The new living space has provided this family with a light-filled space to come together and share daily life. The piano that sat unused in an old spare room is now out in the main living space and is played regularly.” Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know if you find this place as homey as we do! [Photography by Peter Bennetts]