Developed by Tom Hurt Architecture, Canyon Edge Residence dominates a narrow and steep wooded site off Cuernavaca, in Austin, Texas, USA: “A quiet ledge about 10 vertical feet below the road offered a natural place for the house and permits soothing views through the canopies of the trees below to the bottom of a dry-creek canyon. The warm, wood-clad living room roof dynamically pulls upward toward the street and creates a carport .” According to the architects, this three-bedroom, 2,200 square foot home was initially a speculative house, but further became the home of a young couple, their pets, and their eclectic and busy lifestyles.

The most spectacular feature of the residence is undoubtedly its carport: “The roof directs the approaching owner’s view through the living room and trees and across the canyon, connecting the exterior approach by automobile to the living area and central experience of the house.” Sustainable features of the residence include active and passive solar-design, SIPS-panel roofs, and heat-reducing thermal mass retention walls. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think!  [Photos by: Thomas McConnell & Patrick Y. Wong]