Located in Ecopark Green Urban Area, Vietnam, EPV House by AHL Architects & Associates surprises due to its delicate rustic design. The clients’ brief requested a peaceful week-end retreat where they could rest, relax and enjoy their free time. A cheerful and welcoming vibe was achieved through the use bamboo and solid wood for interior furniture. An outdoor terrace connects to the main living space with the help of a slide and fold door system. This floods the social zones in natural light, while emphasizing the variety of textures.

According to the architects, a large void has been created in the middle of the house in order to achieve a better horizontal and vertical connectivity. Two wooden fin blocks are released into space, becoming the focal point of the house. One of the blocks unfolds from the second floor, goes all the way to the first level and becomes a partial ceiling. This aesthetically inspiring addition helped the designers hide all technical system on the first ceiling. The colorful dining table is located under the “void”, receiving maximum natural light. See any other captivating design elements? [Photography by Hoang Le]