Flaunting its surprising architecture on a triangular plot in the city of Leiria, this modern house in Portugal defines its owner’s happiness. Designed by Contaminar Arquitectos as a single-family home, the structure rises from behind a rugged stone wall. Known as Vidigal House and located near a highway making its way across extensive green fields, this futuristic alignment of volumes makes the most of surrounding views.

Two volumes intersecting at a closed angle formulate a floor plan adapted to the unusually shaped lot. Oblique design lines make the larger volume playful while allowing light inside. A smaller white volume seems to be floating above ground, resting on a dark base. Care to take a closer look?

Photographed by Fernando Guerra ( FG+SG architecture photography), these oblique lines rise from the ground to meet the smaller, lighter volume. The intersection is punctuated by stairs connecting the three-floor modern house in Portugal. With the basement, storage and garage occupying the lower level, the upstairs social and private areas ware left open to panoramas. Seen through dark-framed windows, green surroundings seem to complete the overall feeling of coziness. A permanent visual connection to nature instills calmness.

Social areas were gathered in the larger volume, including a mezzanine level. The smaller adjacent volume houses the kitchen on the first floor and three private bedrooms upstairs. Generously sized and beautifully executed, the modern house in Portugal pushes architectural limits towards heavy customization. Site-specific becomes sophistication as inside and outside are in permanent contact, flooded with natural light.