Envisioned by French designer Tatiana Nicol, this lovely small apartment in Paris cleverly mixes contemporary and classical details, resulting in a living space filed with personality. Despite a total surface of just 50 square meters, the crib seems particularly spacious and functional. As you enter, you are greeted by an open plan living and dining area surrounded by white walls and ceiling. The exposed wooden beams are painted in light hues, a smart trick for visually enhancing the social space. Designed for a single owner, the apartment is perfect for having friends over.

The relaxation zone consists of a comfortable sofa, a coffee table with acrylic legs and a white Eams rocker, all neighbored by a generously-sized window. The custom-designed bookcase wall separates the living zone from the bedroom, but also frames the bed, making it visible from the living room. While the rest of the apartment is reigned by white tones, the bookcase and bedroom are colorful and more vivid. But the switch is achieved in such a harmonious manner, that it is almost predictable. Enjoy the virtual tour of this Paris crib and get inspired!