The Creekside Retreat by Richardson Architects is a successful redesign project of a house initially built in 1954: “This home, nestled in a redwood grove, was recently purchased by a family of four. Situated on a gently upsloping lot bordered by a creek, its most distinctive site feature is an old wooden bridge over the creek and the rock walls which carve paths through the site”, explained the architects. Currently a cozy family refuge in California, United States, the residence is filled with natural light and color, adding up to a  dynamic atmosphere.

A charming mix of old and new can be admired throughout the length of the house: “The client was interested in maintaining the residence’s historic character while updating it for today’s living standards and code requirements. This required adding more natural light with larger windows and skylights as well as adding a partial second story for a master suite. Maintaining the wood exterior and mullion patterns of the existing windows settles the addition into the landscape as an example of a very light effect to a sensitive site.” Enjoy the virtual tour below and tell us what you think! [Photography by Jeff Zaruba]