Neighbored by fruit orchards and vineyards, The Treehouse Residence by Forestgreen Creations is a modern home in Pelham, Ontario, Canada. Raw concrete, steel and stucco are the materials employed for visually defining the exterior design. The cantilevered volume supported by a V-shaped structure allows most of the living space to be elevated above ground. An optimum connection to the outdoors was achieved through large expanses of glass in every room. Additionally, a swimming pool terrace on the second level provides space for relaxation and entertainment in the middle of a fresh landscape.

Curious what inspired the name of the project? Here is an explanation from the architects: “Firstly, the interior reveals exposed steel framework with diagonal and vertical bracing intermittently appearing and disappearing throughout the walls, ceiling and floors.┬áSecondly, the untrammeled view of the surrounding forest through the floor to ceiling glazing in the penthouse, gives one the sense of being among the trees.” Sustainable features of the residence include a rainwater collection cistern which supplies ground irrigation and water for the pool and a geothermal system. [Photography by Lisa Petrole]