One of Steve Dangermond and Christopher Keane‘s residential projects is a spectacular loft in Portland, Oregon. Displaying a refined take on space planning, this bright and welcoming loft in Portland surprises the viewer with a modern solution for space partitioning. Beautifully addressed, the intimacy theme within an inter-generational apartment steals the show with a highly creative solution.

We’ve seen our fair share of customization over the 8 years Freshome has been around, but this project is simply stunning in its essence of connecting yet separating lifestyles.

Spreading over 111 square meters, this inter-generational loft photographed by Lincoln Barbour is a dream setting for social times, as well as the perfect place to enjoy a little privacy. Dangermond Keane Architecture broadens our understanding of this home’s design and function:

Built for a family of three generations, this renovation connects a much needed 1200 sf of new living space to an existing loft via a small elevator. The new level contains two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a library/office space, a loft for storage and play and a small kitchen. Designed primarily for a young girl and her grandmother, the project expands their individual living space and relocates them a floor below the main living area. Playful yet refined, the design seeks to meet each of their individual needs while maintaining the intimacy of their relationship.”

This “room in a box” opens to the main living area via large sliding doors turning this modern loft in Portland into a dream apartment to share with family.