Multifunctional and highly portable, Bookniture is a clever furniture piece hidden in a notebook cover. Envisioned by Hong Long-based designer Mike Mak, the project is extremely practical: it can be a foot rest, a nightstand and a standing work desk. Moreover, you can use it as an outdoor stool or add a wood-board on top of two Bookfurnitures and create a bench. The best part however is its ability to fold back into a book, making it easy to carry around from place to place and store it in style. Have a look at the official Kickstarter campaign video below for a better understanding of the project:

The design is said to combine advanced Origami Structure with the traditional craft of book-binding: “Different materials were studied and structural design were developed. All over the world the right type of paper for the mass production of origami structure was sourced and identified. The specific machine, different toolings, and the dimension of the origami structure were all carefully managed. Our final sample is now a truly impressive piece combining strength, flexibility and portability all into one.” For additional comfort and durability, Bookniture also comes with a double color felt top with laser engraving, that can successfully be used as a table top. Find the combo appealing?