The Bella Vita Villa by Prototype Design Lab is located in the picturesque Turks & Caicos Islands, which are part of the Antiles island grouping. Its original appearance is said to honor the natural oceanfront site. Celebrating lightness and soft breezes, the beach facade is open in order to maximize views, while the street side is relatively shut: “Wrapped on the top and bottom by solid concrete bands which extend along the sides of the house to become the solid entrance facade. The entrance evokes a fortress-like grandeur, into which a masterfully crafted, poured-in place concrete frame successively recedes toward a door of a more intimate human scale.”

As you step inside, you are greeted by an overwhelming scale: “At the heart of the house, an expansive great room is an entertainer’s dream, featuring 30-foot ceilings, a large chef’s kitchen and a two sided indoor-outdoor fireplace above which sunlight is filtered through the custom laser-cut chimney pattern. The secluded white beach is a focal point with which almost every room in the villa enjoys a connection.” An original, hand-carved wooden door, reclaimed and imported from India is the main focal point of this massive social area. [Photography by Eugen Sakhnenko / A-Frame]