Located in HaSharon, this peculiar residential structure built under the Israeli sun is part of Neuman Hayner Architects‘ portfolio. The owners – musicians who wanted “a deconstructive building, in the midst of an avocado grove” – never imagined how their new home would inspire hundreds to trust architects they work with.

The Avocado Grove House reflects respect for the environment and owner’s comfort in a luscious and inspiring natural avocado grove. Reducing interventions to a minimum, architects kept a great deal of trees and imagined the home enhancing the beauty of the ones left.

We tried to minimize the number of trees we had to clear.The plan required the space of six trees, but unfortunately we discovered that a 7th tree was to sick to survive, so we enlarged the porch.”

These large trees help in shading the exemplary garden and, together with a large inclined concrete roof, guide the desired amount of light inside. Architects Sharon Neuman and Hila Tsur made sure the planning intercepted their client’s need for open spaces with site-specific design fireworks stabilizing the architecture as “large openings were designed towards the north and south, ideal in Israeli weather.” All its 164 square meters are brightly lit and inspiring.

Closely look at photographs by Amit Gosher to discover details like the color of the staircase or the frameless corner window delineating the porch from the light-flooded living room and know that sometimes a home has an architecture so memorable that each corner sparkles with elegance and simplicity. Then you might want to check out a large-scale example of deconstructive design showcased by Casa Gòmez in Mexico.