A garden home, private and beautifully withdrawn from public eyes rises in Seattle, Washington. Designed by Balance Associates Architects, this modern structure reinterprets the way a garden home organizes the owner’s lifestyle. Boasting its light-encouraging shape in a suburban neighborhood, the home with a curved roof sets itself apart from neighboring structures. This Garden House is “one of the two houses set side by side in a park-like setting“, showcasing surprising details in photographs captured by Steve Keating.

The architects explain how both houses “are arranged to take advantage of an extensive garden and a salmon stream that runs through the property.” Imagine having a salmon stream on your property, enjoying sunshine sparkle in the water as birds chirp away. With a peaceful energy, you come back to the house illuminated from within. Double-height social spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows erase visual boundaries between functional, sophisticated interiors  and carefully manicured outdoors.

Seeing how more and more people imagine their home flooded with light, it’s always inspiring to see solutions like this patented window system that slides around corners. But in the case of these twin garden homes, a warming wooden collection of window frames create a natural vibe. Wooden ceilings complete the nature-inspired, light filled social spaces.

“Curved roofs and similar exterior materials help establish a relationship between the two houses. The building and landscape design are intended to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Both houses are built from a unique concrete building block manufactured from wood chip fibers which allows the building envelope to remain vapor permeable. Healthy home materials and practices are used throughout both homes.”