Archlin Studio sent us photos and information depicting an inspiring apartment remodel in Yangming National Park,Taipei, Taiwan. The apartment has an amazing view of picturesque Mt. Shamao from its windows but it was very heavily partitioned by either walls or columns that obstructed the line of sight to the windows from most parts of the house. “We knew right away that the biggest asset of the apartment is its natural surroundings and the mission is therefore to come up with a design that connects the natural space outside with the internal space and maximize the amount of point of sights from the house to the windows and in return maximizing the amount of natural light permeating through the apartment“, explained the designers.

To overcome the previously fragmented pockets of restrictive spaces, the studio removed the solid walls in the living area and built movable see-through bookcases between the study and the kitchen. The additions effectively define the spaces without closing off one from another. Similar strategies are implemented in the two bedrooms at the back of the apartment. Sliding timber veneer panels are used to substitute traditional solid doors between the two bedrooms to introduce flexibility in the configuration of the sleeping areas.

Low key color tones and natural interior materials such as timber veneer and natural stones combine to design an apartment that fits comfortably in its tranquil surrounds. Be sure to check out the before&after photos uploaded at the end of this post for a better understanding of the project! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Archlin Studio]