Spacious and boasting a neutral color palette that oozes simplicity and elegance, this memorable Soho residence was designed by Bulson Management and architect David Hotson. A pure white sofa thrones in the double-height living space that visually opens to every other social space in the home. With massive experience in high-end residential and commercial construction, Bulson Management and leading architect David Hotson imagined an open space where light and air flow freely. A dark piano breaks the monotony of a pure white room, while the darker library room under the mezzanine works wonders on the owners on cozy nights when all one wants to do is watch a great movie alongside loved ones.

Photographed by David Paler, the welcoming home in Soho was imagined as an elegant space for socializing, enjoying good music and home cooked meals with friends and family. The modern Soho residence was tailored to the needs and desires of the owners, embedding high style and an open floor plan they can be proud of. Innovative design and simple elegance were instilled in this New York residence. This is how people live in the city, above clouds and enjoying the best that design can bring in terms of comfort, aesthetics and space.

How would you like to live in this New York dream home? What would be the first thing you would do if you moved here today?