Varda Studio completed the design and development of Desi Residence, a three-level house with quite a few original features. Located in Tala, Cyprus, the project stands on a hill with a steep drop down towards the street: “Aside from the challenge, the topography affords panoramic views to the sea. The car entrance is from the road level, and a parking area is at the top enclosed with vertical louvers.” Cantilevered terraces and a swimming pool offer extensive views of the suburban village of Tala.

Half submerged in the hill, the house employs natural soil to further insulate interiors. Its structure was planned to optimize views and offer a high degree of functionality: “The kitchen, living and dining spaces have access to a swimming pool and terrace, both of which cantilever out of the cliff to the horizon. Secondary functions like storage and bathrooms are located at the deepest part of the plan at each level. The individual volumes of each storey, the parking, the verandas and the swimming pool are outlined clearly from below, whilst from the street the residence has a discreet presence of a single storey.” What are your thoughts on this massive concrete&glass home that almost seems to defy gravity?