A modern, minimalist apartment is what the owners of this functional loft were looking for. From his design studio Rado Rick designers in Bratislava, designer Radomír Ninjarík came up with a response to this request with an open, dynamic space, using high quality materials such as HI-MACS®. The owners- a young, busy couple- wanted a modern and dynamic apartment in one of Bratislava’s most prestigious new buildings. These two features are traits of their lifestyle that they wished to project in the design of their home, where they would spend a large part of their lives.

For Rado Rick designers, this was an opportunity not only to create the fresh, clear space described by the owners, but also to fill the space with expressive futuristic shapes that, thanks to the simple use of white with touches of black, along with the small number of details, would fully take hold of the place. For that reason, the presence of HI-MACS® fits in perfectly with the modernity of a space where white is the dominant color, resulting in a visually broad ambiance with a futuristic air, which is at the same time warm and welcoming.

The owners were looking to have an open loft that would allow the free flow of energy. The first challenge for the designers was to get rid of the wall separating the kitchen from the living room. Now joined as one, the two rooms have one door and one window that give onto the joint terrace. These elements have been maintained and concealed by covering the entire wall with a translucent white curtain. All corners of the room are lit up softly and evenly with the huge amount of light that flows generously into the interior through the large windows and the two glass doors. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by HI-MACS®]