Designed to be both intimate and panoramic, both sustainable and automated, the fascinating W.I.N.D. House in the Netherlands adds modern functions and aesthetics to its rural location and lust in our hearts. Just outside a Dutch village, this 582 square meter smart home sports flexible spaces that provide a customizable floor-plan while staying in permanent contact with the outdoors.

With an attractive front facade gathering panoramas of specific polder landscape, the contemporary family smart home designed by Dutch company UNstudio pushes its intimate working and sleeping area boundaries towards the wooded backside.

According to the architects, who have a history with futuristic design, “the elevated position of the open plan living areas enhances the views to the exterior. Each of the four facades, curve towards the inside to create four distinct petal-like wings. These curving recesses are visually connected to each other through their view lines, which cross at the heart of the building. The vertical organisation of the building follows a centrifugal split-level principle. An open staircase at the centre of the house connects the front and back wings.

Photographs by Fedde de Weert and Inga Powilleit capture an elegant home, beautifully integrated in its surroundings, which you wouldn’t compare to a space ship at first. But once you find out that a central touch screen in the living area commands all and complete control of the home’s smart systems, you get an idea of its technological capabilities. In addition to this “motherboard”, other devices allow control per room and – the cherry on top – a smartphone can control the home’s systems remotely, making it safer and easier to manage. Since this smart home boasts sustainability as a key design factor, architects shine light into their vision of the house of the future:

A comprehensive home automation system enables integrated control of the electrical systems including solar panels and mechanical installations. The integrated sustainability concept of the house includes a central air/water heat pump, mechanical ventilation with waste heat recovery and solar panels. Heat gain is reduced through the use of tinted glass on the fully glazed front and back facades.”

So, can you imagine living in an elegant smart home like the W.I.N.D. House or do you prefer a different design style?