With a great location in a peaceful green setting, yet close to Bratislava’s city center, the House Between the Trees by Slovakian studio Architekti Šebo Lichý is a modern urban oasis. Inspired by the Tugendhat Villa, the residence is built around trunks and crowns of chestnut trees: “The focus was on the quality of the space and it´s connection with nature. The house is fully using the possibilities of the steep terrain. The front part of the house is levitating on dynamic pylons, while the back part is plunging into the rising terrain. This creates four levels of the house – two underground and two above-ground floors”, explain the architects.

Functionality, an optimum connection with nature and family interaction were the main focus when planning the layout of the House Between the Trees; “The main entrance from the first above-ground floor leads to the space inhabited by parents, which is also a barrier-free and large enough, thanks to the extension on the pylons. This extended part of the house also makes a perfect roofed space for family barbecues in the garden. The upper floor creates a space for two children rooms. The first floor under ground contains a home gym, and the lowest level includes garage hidden under the grassy roof.” A minimalist design approach led to spaces filled with natural light, where the inhabitants can redirect their attention from mundane daily tasks to the natural magic outdoors. [Photos by: Tomáš Manina]