Situated on a corner lot in a dense neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, the Contrast House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design is a modern rehabilitation of a 120-year old dwelling. According to the architects, the primary design challenge was to “increase natural light in the space, accomplished through both physical and perceptual means. The long, narrow house was reorganized in plan and in section, introducing new sight lines to the expanded openings at the rear of the house and updating the layout for a growing family.” The name of the project hints towards the contrasting elements spread around the house with the purpose of brightening internal spaces with no direct access to natural lighting.

The interiors are connected through a light stairway, said to increase the overall light flow. Special furniture elements contribute to the originality and charm of this Canadian family home: “From the tall black bookcases housing the owner’s colorful collectibles on the ground floor, the chalkboard wall for play on the second level, these bold, dark pieces, in combination with rich walnut floors and crisp white walls and ceilings, create contrast to produce an intensified effect.” After seeing the photos below, you will certainly appreciate the designers’ efforts in creating spaces filled with light and good vibes.