How can you increase interaction within a college environment? Menéndez and Gamonal Arquitectos answered this by designing a large meeting table inspired by an artist’s palette. The new and exciting piece was especially created for the Classroom Building in the Milan Campus at Oviedo University in Asturias, Spain and is part of a larger program aiming to improve relations among students. Small, yet creative interventions in University buildings can transform spaces and invite students to rest, chat and work together.

According to the designers, this giant table was designed for the main lobby of a classroom building. It features stainless steel legs, a wooden top and is complemented by suspended lighting units descending from the roof through a void. The curving design crates nooks and spaces where students can study and brainstorm. Placed on a green carpet in one of the main social hubs of the university, the unconventional furniture addition inevitably becomes a focal place of refuge and conversation. Its artistic inspiration is meant to trigger ideas and erase boundaries. How would you personally comment on this project?