Casa MR by Luciano Kruk Studio is located in a vegetated and sandy plot on the Costa Esmeralda, outside the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The imposing holiday retreat is clad in wood and concrete and features two intersecting blocks: “Seeking to not change in the least the original topography, we decided to split the program into two simple volumes,” said Kruk. “The proposal seeks to preserve the most of the wonderful qualities of the place.” The upper volume is supported by a sand dune and leans on the middle of the perpendicular block below.

A concrete walkway from the access road is flanked by planks of red-brown timber, achieving an interesting chromatic effect. Interactive spaces such as the living room and dining area make the most of the lower volume, a glazed rectangular box with dark aluminum frames. The concrete slab continues a few meters outside the glass in order to create an outdoor patio, shaded by wooden planks. The upper level accommodates two bedrooms connected to a rooftop terrace. All materials employed for the exterior finishes are brought indoors. Concrete walls and large expanses of glass shape up a modern, well-lit and “raw” home design. [Photography by Daniela Mac Adden.]