Do you know what it’s like to live with an interior designer? Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Interior designers are mind readers — after one conversation, they have an innate skill of knowing what their client wants. What’s inside the creative yet complicated mind of an interior designer, and what is it like to live with one?

Lots of people bring their work home with them. But for interior designers (and interior decorators), this is an understatement. The qualities that make a great interior designer don’t get left at the office; rather they are life skills and personality traits that follow them in every facet of life.

While we don’t want to stereotype them, we thought it would be fun to reflect on what it might be like to live with these creatives. Here are 10 signs that you are married to an interior designer.

This closet scenario probably looks familiar. Image: California Closets

1. Your Closet Is Arranged By Color

When you look in your closet, do you see a perfectly planned color palette whose shades give an ombre effect to the clothes hanging in there? Well, being married to an interior designer often results in this closet scenario.

Interior designers tend to keep things organized, but in a different way than most. As opposed to sorting clothes — or anything else in your home — by size or type, they most likely sort by color (or pattern and texture). Not that that’s a bad thing.

Type A’s know what they want — and they usually get it. Image: Pickell Architecture

2. You Live With a Type A

Ah, Type A personalities: Everything has a place, and every place has a purpose. The truth is, these folks have a bad rap; being a Type A actually can get you far in life. Type A’s are go-getters; they are organized and, for the most part, they are successful individuals who know what they want — and usually get it.

Who wouldn’t want to be like that? Indeed, Type A personalities are the ones to look up to and perhaps imitate, despite the fact that they may be tightly wound at times and, yes, difficult to live with.

Perfectionism is what makes interior designers succeed. Image: J4 Construction

3. Perfectionism Reigns

In addition to having a Type A personality, interior designers tend to be perfectionists. However, this is what makes them succeed in the design world. Of course, clients are happy when their designer gives them a home that is utter perfection.

On the other hand, it can be tough at times to live with these perfectionists. We all know that home life does not always run as seamlessly as work, especially when family members are involved. This is where perfectionism can cause aggravation.

Interior designers know how to read people. Image: Parquet by Dian

4. Your Spouse Is Intuitive

As we mentioned above, interior designers are mind readers; they know how to read people. This is a very good trait to have to be successful in the field. Who wants to hire an interior designer who can’t seem to figure out what you want?

Intuition can’t be taught in design school; it is a personality trait that is imbedded in the best interior designers, and it follows the designer through the door at the end of the day. So if your spouse asks you what’s wrong, don’t say “nothing” — they’ll know better.

Interior designers are secure in their skills and knowledge. Image: Lazarus & Sergeant

5. Your Opinion Counts, But Not as Much

Interior designers are confident people, although not in a bad way. They are simply secure in their skills and knowledge of interior design; they know what works and what doesn’t. This is why you often have a difficult time winning an argument, particularly when it’s about, say, a piece of furniture.

You have learned that your spouse knows best, and that your opinion counts, but not quite as much. After all, your spouse is the professional designer. These strong-willed individuals will have difficulty letting someone else override their decisions — especially those pertaining to their home.

Many designers have a knack (OK, compulsion) for rearranging. Image: Reed Design Group

6. You’re Getting Used to Change

Being married to an interior designer has its perks. Many designers have a knack (OK, compulsion) for changing furniture, wall decor, seating arrangements, and wall color in their homes quite often.

While this does help keep things exciting in your home, it can be daunting to come home after a long day at work only to find your favorite chair replaced by your spouse’s newest project.

Coffee tables are for decorative items only. Image: OUT to SEE

7. Coffee Is Forbidden on Your Coffee Table

Your home likely has a coffee table, on which you’d probably love to place your cup of coffee, or maybe your feet. Unfortunately, because you are married to an interior designer, those activities — as well as many others — are strictly forbidden from occurring on your coffee table.

This is because coffee tables in the homes of interior designers are used only to display decorative items; they serve no other purpose except one of beauty.

Interior designers like pillows. Lots of them. Image: Cobblestone & Vine

8. Your Bed Is Filled With Pillows

When you walk into your bedroom, is your bed piled so high with pillows that you can barely see the bed itself? Then you are probably married to an interior designer. People in this career tend to have an obsession with throw pillows, bed pillows, neck rolls, bolsters, shams and lots of fabric.

Not only is your bed piled high with pillows; at night, you must remove them before attempting to go to sleep, as these particular pillows are not for sleeping on. In fact, interior designers use pillows as an accessory, essentially for looks and not for cushioning.

Interior designers need to ensure things around the house get done. Image: Advanced Woodwork

9. There’s Always a To-Do List

There is no way a day goes by without a to-do list. This doesn’t just occur in the professional life of an interior designer; in fact, most are so used to being busy that without a to-do list at home, they could go stir-crazy.

Most of the time they aren’t honey-do lists, but tasks for themselves to complete. They tend to feel the need to fix things in the home, and want to be sure that no stone is left unturned, and no job is left undone, at the end of the day.

Resting for long periods of time simply isn’t an option. Image: Progress Lighting

10. Your Spouse Doesn’t Sleep Much

As we mentioned, interior designers tend to be busy, so resting for long periods of time is not an option. With so much on their to-do lists, they tend to run on a short sleep cycle. In fact, don’t be surprised if your spouse is the last one to bed every night and the first one out of bed in the morning.

Taking a break is difficult for an interior designer. As creative as they are, their minds continue even when they should be resting. Ideas and new items for their to-do list keep piling up, and the only way to get everything done is to get out of bed and do it.

Being an interior designer isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. Image: Michele Bitter Designs

Creative, talented, dedicated, inspired, colorful — these are all words that you can use to describe your spouse not only at work, but at home. Being an interior designer isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. And most are unable to separate themselves from the two.

Isn’t it fun being married to an interior designer? Share your stories — and know that you are not alone!